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Upgrade to the latest version of adsb_hub3

adsb_hub3 is updated on a regular basis to add new features, fix bugs and maintain an up-2-date databases. In order to switch to a latest version of adsb_hub3 you need to go through steps described below. Let's take for a example Raspberry Pi as a platform:
  1. Use SSH terminal to connect: ssh pi@ip_of_raspberry
  2. Make sure adsb_hub3 is not running with command: ps -aux|grep adsb_hub If it's running kill it: kill -9 process_id
  3. Check version of Java by executing java -version If version is below 11.0 please upgrade sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk If some packages reported missing try sudo apt-get update and then repeat installation
  4. Change current path to the adsb_hub3 location: cd realadsb
  5. Rename existing version: mv adsb_hub3.jar adsb_hub3.old.jar
  6. Download latest version: wget http://www.realadsb.com/dl/adsb_hub3.jar
  7. If you're upgrading from adsb_hub open sh file using any text editor such as nano and replace adsb_hub.jar with adsb_hub3.jar Just don't forget to save the changes!
If new version doesn't work then recovery is straightforward:
  1. Kill adsb_hub3 process if it's running
  2. Delete new version: rm adsb_hub3.jar
  3. Put old version back: mv adsb_hub3.old.jar adsb_hub3.jar
Upgrade on Mac or PC will be even easier because you can download new version using browser, rename files in Finder or Windows Explorer and kill the process in Task Manager.