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Steps to integrate adsb_hub with RadarBox on Raspberry Pi

  1. Use SSH terminal to connect: ssh pi@ip_of_raspberry, it will ask password which is raspberry by default
  2. First thing to do is install dump1090-mutability package using steps 1-7 described on following page
  3. Install RadarBox software using command sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - http://apt.rb24.com/inst_rbfeeder.sh)"
  4. Next step is to download adsb_hub package. Command will be wget http://www.realadsb.com/dl/realadsb.zip
  5. Unzip the package using unzip realadsb.zip In case unzip is not found you can install it with command sudo apt-get install unzip
  6. Check version of Java by executing java -version If version is below 1.8 please upgrade sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-jdk If some packages reported missing try sudo apt-get update and then repeat installation
  7. Then cd realadsb and run ./startpi.sh
  8. Now you can connect from RealADSB iOS app using ip_of_raspberry
  9. You can always check if adsb_hub is running and get process id with command like ps aux | grep adsb_hub
  10. All errors will be reported in adsb_log.err file

When everything is working you can autostart adsb_hub after reboot by editing /etc/rc.local file. In order to do that run sudo vi /etc/rc.local and add before exit 0 in the end:
# Auto run adsb_hub
sleep 5
sudo /home/pi/realadsb/startpi.sh

Enjoy your radiospotting!