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Steps to integrate adsb_hub with PiAware on Raspberry Pi

  1. Use SSH terminal to connect: ssh pi@ip_of_raspberry, it will ask password which is flightaware by default
  2. Next step is to download adsb_hub package. Command will be wget http://www.realadsb.com/dl/realadsb.zip
  3. Unzip the package using unzip realadsb.zip In case unzip is not found you can install it with command sudo apt-get install unzip
  4. Then cd realadsb
  5. Copy configuration template cp dump1090mlat.json my.json
  6. Use can use my.json as is or add more functionality described here with any text editor, for example vi my.json Don't forget to save the changes when exit
  7. Check version of Java using command java -version If version is below 1.8 please upgrade sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-jdk If some packages reported missing try sudo apt-get update and then repeat installation
  8. Start adsb_hub using command java -jar adsb_hub.jar my.json > 1.log &
  9. You can always check if adsb_hub is running with commands like ps aux | grep adsb_hub or tail 1.log
  10. All errors will be reported in adsb_log.err file
  11. Now you can connect from RealADSB iOS app using ip_of_raspberry

When Raspberry Pi setup will be stable you can add java -jar adsb_hub.jar my.json > 1.log & to start.sh script and make it executable by running chmod 755 start.sh
After that edit file sudo vi /etc/rc.local by adding before exit 0 in the end:
# Auto run adsb_hub
sudo /home/pi/realadsb/start.sh

As a result of actions above adsb_hub will autostart when Raspberry Pi rebooted