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The OpenSky Network is a non-profit association based in Switzerland. It aims at improving the security, reliability and efficiency of the air space usage by providing open access of real-world air traffic control data to the public.

Registered users are getting 1000 API requests per day for free. With refresh rate 5-10 seconds that should be enough for 80-160 minutes of air traffic monitoring. You can also use it anonymously but OpenSky will only give you 100 API requests per day.

In order to use OpenSky the adsb_hub3 can be started with command line java -jar adsb_hub3.jar opensky.json > 1.log &

Description of json file with configuration


opensky - calls OpenSky Network to get latest traffic in area specified by following parameters: latitude, longitude, radius in miles.

user user name registered on OpenSky Network website.

password password of user registered on OpenSky Network website.

interval in seconds is used to specify how often get updated traffic data from OpenSky API, default is 10 seconds and value can't be less than 5 secnonds.

mlat_color parameter can be used to override default color of MLAT traffic in RealADSB iOS app, format is #RRGGBB.


bonjour - exposes TCP/IP port used by RealADSB iOS app, if server has multiple network interfaces please set host value to IP that is reachable from your iOS device

You can set empty values for latitude and longitude parameters. RealADSB iOS app 1.72+ can use extended addresses such as to specify airport ICAO code as last parameter. It gives access to a global coverage without changing of json configuration on server.

In such case adsb_hub can be started with command line java -jar adsb_hub3.jar opensky2.json > 1.log &

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