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RealADSB app is getting traffic feed from adsb_hub3 server running on PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi. In a simple setup with Wi-Fi access point Bonjour protocol allows to avoid any sort of configuration and get realtime updates as soon as app started on mobile device. However if Bonjour doesn't work you can specify static IP:port. Running app is showing list of airplanes around with following information: altitude, speed, heading, callsign etc. You can also monitor a map with airplanes that has overlays for airports nearby and picture from weather radar. Tail number and callsign of selected airplane are visible in the right top corner of screen right above the map. You can tap on each of those values to quickly search them on selected 3rd party websites. There is an option to record current session and replay it later on. One such session is already pre-recorded and available as a Demo immediately after app has been installed. Click on screenshots below to zoom:




Feel free to download user reference guide here (3MB)

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You can connect to following feeds using RealADSB iOS app:

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