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Example of json file with configuration


Line 3> rtl_tcp - reads I/Q feed provided by rtl_tcp application running on the same computer.

Line 4> beast_tcp - reads the data in Beast format, rtl1090 and dump1090 can be used to provide data in that format.

Line 5> sbs3_tcp - reads ext_basestation format usually associated with MLAT data.

color parameter can be used with each type of input to override default color of the aircraft in RealADSB iOS app, format is #RRGGBB.


Line 8> bonjour - exposes TCP/IP port used by RealADSB iOS app.

Line 9> rest - sends HTTP POST requests with all data received from airplanes to URL specified by host:port/url parameters, example of the HTTP body: rest_body.json Feel free to contact me you need help with script on server to process the data. Parameter user_key can be used to verify origin of the data.

Line 10> realtime - similar to rest type but only sends latest parameters of airborne airplanes that were active in previous 60 seconds.

Line 11> kml - creates port used by Google Earth application to show aicrafts in 3D environment, when you go to http://host:port/kml in browser it downloads kml file which can be subsequently opened in Google Earth. Autorefresh interval in seconds is defined by interval parameter. It even works on mobile devices!

Line 12> geoevent - executes command when new aircraft detected in volume of space defined by latitude, longitude, radius in miles, min_altitude and max_altitude in feet. In value of command field you can use multiple placeholders and adsb_hub will replace them with data about detected aircraft: {icao24} {timestamp} {latitude} {longitude} {altitude} {callsign} {speed} {vspeed} {squawk}. In example of configuration external camera has been used to make a photo of aircraft on approach to RWY04 in KEWR.

You can specify multiple outputs of the same type For example feed multiple web sites.